Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY Carbon Fiber Intake How to


  1. Hi, I wanted some advice on a moulding project I am working on.

    What I wanted to ask is: If we were to use epoxy paint as the matrix instead of the regular epoxy resin, what would be the pros and cons of doing so?

    I'm from India and finding materials for these kind of projects isn't exactly easy. They have to be ordered directly from manufacturers and they take time to be delivered, etc. Epoxy paint, however, is easily available at almost any hardware store.

    I was part of a BAJA SAE team in college, and there we did try to lay up fiberglass using epoxy paint, because that's what the manufacturer provided us as the matrix (we ordered woven fiberglass, woven carbon fiber and epoxy resin. They sent us the fiberglass and cf with epoxy paint instead of epoxy resin). The parts did turn out reasonably fine, but we had problems wetting out the woven fiberglass during the lay up. Since it was the first time we were making a composite part, we did not understand if the wetting problem was because of the epoxy paint or our inexperience.

    It would be nice if some one with more experience can try a comparison between the regular epoxy and epoxy paint to see how it turns out.

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